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Bespoke circuit boards

Circuit Boards

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PC Based

PC based data acquisition and control (DAQ) systems are flexible, economical and offer the widest range of solutions. Whatever your budget, we can offer a DAQ system to meet your needs

High-end solutions

Typically, these are Ethernet-based systems utilising fully industrialised data acquisition and control platforms, such as National Instruments-based RIO or PXI units.

These usually use National Instrument's LabVIEW software to create a flexible solution.

Mid-range Solutions

Using Ethernet or USB based hardware, a competitively priced solution can be obtained. Many of our mid-range solutions use a graphical, programming language called DasyLAB.  This is a good solution for clients who want to modify and iterate the software functionality of their machine using their own team.

We can write the software to enable the machine to function correctly, then we offer training in DasyLAB, so it can be augmented over time.  This is a good, flexible solution in a product development environment.

Budget Solutions

Put an old laptop or Windows XP computer back into useful service controlling or collecting data on a small test machine. We have a range of software solutions to get you going.