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Development Machines

The right development equipment will bring your product to market in the shortest possible time.

Letia builds machines that allow you to develop your product. Over the years we have built machines for many markets, including automotive, power generation, down-hole drilling, renewables and industrial power transmission.

At the start of each project, we collaborate with you to produce a specification document that ensures the most appropriate machine is made for the lowest cost.

Our larger machines are installed in container-style, test cells that are typically 2.4m high, 2.4m wide and anything up to 12m long, making them easily transportable anywhere around the world.  The test cell is acoustically lined and all services are built in, so they arrive on site ready to ‘plug-and-play’. These units make a very cost effective solution to investing in fixed test cell infrastructure.

All our machines are CE marked when sold in Europe, and we can work to other standards, such as UL for North America.

Typical features include: